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Let’s Talk Drag Race episode 2

I guess I’m doing this every week now. Sure!

So, basically Ru and Co. saw LaTrice and Dida’s Real Housewives reenactment and decided to put their own spin on it. Which is great, because I’ve kind of been waiting for this show to pull a challenge that allowed the queens to channel past contestants. I also appreciated the Lypsinka shout out (check out the Wigstock movie on Netflix if you haven’t seen it). 

Team Ivy Winters 

How funny that most of the queens I noted didn’t establish much of a personality yet all ended up on the same team (this of course meant there was maximum personality over in the silver bar during Untucked, but we’ll get to that later). Which just proves drama gets your screen time on this show, but not necessarily a win. There’s plenty of queens who get lost in the early episodes and emerge as contenders down the stretch. 

Ivy Winter - We’ll she pulled out that stilt trick we’ve seen in promos for three weeks now, and she seems really sweet. I wonder how she’ll do in challenges where she’ll have to provide the words coming out of her mouth though. Her Morgan needed a bit more body though to be on point though. 

Honey Mahogny - I thought she looked gorgeous, if I do say so myself, but girl if you’re wearing a corset you have to stuff it somehow. The boob pocket were flailing around all in front of her walking down the cat walk like she had out of control ghost breasts. Not cute. 

Vivienne Pinay - Is this the first time we’ve seen a queen wear the exact outfit she worse in the promo pics/videos also wear it down the runway? Granted it looks expensive as fuck, so I’d get my money. There is some fierceness and wit lurking here, and I’d like to see a little bit more. 

Lineysha Sparx - She did get the Tyra look down, better than most of the queens. And she also looks like she’s got a little bit of that Tyra immaturity too. She’s fierce, but I would not at all be surprised if this wasn’t the last time she pisses people off. Especially once the language barrier-induced shyness wears off. 

Team Detox

Detox - I like her. I hated her Sharon. The makeup was atrocious, and the whole thing somehow made her look fat? It looks like the queens didn’t get all that much time to work on their outfits for the videos, and a lot of them looked pretty sloppy. Which was disappointing. I also get what Kristen Johnston was saying about her attitude. I don’t think its Detox’s fault. This show has been on for four previous seasons now, and a lot of these queens know previous queens. So its not surprising you have a lot of them walking in on day one with a certain comfort level. Long term, the producers might want to think about shaking things up a bit more to keep queens on their toes. Come to think of it, the team up aspect of All Stars might not have been popular, but it was probably necessary to spice things up. Then again, watching confident drag queens isn’t exactly bad TV. 

Alaska - Her Phi Phi was a mess, but I guess that was the point? The kiss with Detox at the end was pure genius though. Also, while Wigstock is on my mind, Alaska could totally play Alexis in The Arquette family tv movie, right? 

Coco Montrese - I am in love with this bitch. In a just world she would have won, and her talking heads are hilarious without being too mean. She’s joining Jinkx as one of my favs (which doesn’t mean I think they’ll win, but we’ll see). 

Monica Beverly Hillz - Well, I called her big secret last week (like I said, its pretty easy to read this show these days). Any one who says she doesn’t belong here can suck it, and educate themselves on drag culture. There are a lot of transgendered woman who rely on drag entertainment for their living across the country, and to shut them out from the publicity a show like this gets completely is wrong. There’s no real rule book to RPDR anyway. The only rule is: Does it make good television? Her lipsynch was also amazing. Girl can work that body, and it was pretty clear she gets a rush of all the confidence in the world when she’s up on that stage and it was beautiful to watch. 

Team Serena Cha Cha 

Jinkx Monsoon - My favorite! Sure, its pretty clear everyone who loves her right now has to have had watched her web videos. She hasn’t made that much of an impression on the actual show yet, but she was working that Mimi impression. She also killed it during that weird group lip synch they cut from the main show and stashed away as an Untucked bonus. I was not feeling that wig, makeup and Anna Wintour Goes To The 2008 Met Ball Goes To Weird Mall Store Knock Off dress she had on, but, like, hey, maybe she’s playing it smart and purposefully giving herself room to show that “improvement” Santino loves so much when she knows she’s probably safe. Plus she made Ru belly laugh, which is always good. Can we just talk about how uncomfortable and silent she was during the big silver bar cat fight during Untucked though? Girl is clearly not hear for the drama. 

Jade - You know what. I am not feeling this bitch. I knew she was shit stirrer, and Honey clarified it during Untucked. A sweet personality is only sweet you’re actually genuinely sweet, otherwise its just really creepy. Playing Delta with a chicken leg for no reason also seemed pretty mean. There’s a reason she was picked last. 

Alyssa Edwards - She went down smoother this week, and I’m starting to get why some of you think she’s entertaining. I liked her walk on the runway, but she clearly has a Shannel-level taste level and I’m not really here for that. 

Roxxxy Andrews - She had immunity, and kind of sunk into the background this week. Her runway outfit again struck me as very Florida, and the make up was weird this week. I don’t know about her yet. We’ll see. 

Serena Cha Cha - I went to Miami, so of course I was like “Girl you tripping lording damned FSU art degree over everyone,” but maybe that’s just because every time someone mentions FSU I have a knee jerk reaction to shout out “Fuck the Seminoles” to the tune of their war chant. Southern football rivalries are weird. I am pleased to learn though that someone at FSU has read a book. ANYWAY! She gets the award for one of the oddest interpretation of advice in show history. They told her to give her Raja some characteristics, so she came up with …someone who falls asleep randomly? Honey, you weren’t playing Jinkx. I think she was just caught off guard by the fact everyone hated her, and just dug herself in. Though, it was uncomfortable to watch all these older queens gang up on her like that. Girl, once you get to 25 you should know not worry yourself with the crazy antics of bitches who just turned legal a year ago. 

Other things:

-How great were the judges this week? Like both Kristen and Juliette clearly love the show, and, like, honestly, can we have Kristen as a regular judge? Please? Is she doing anything else? 

-On that Lypsinka tip though, how great would it be if Ru intentionally highlighted the work of other legendary queens and incorporated it into challenges, and, I don’t know, actually brought one on the show once in a while? (Jackie Beat could use the money). Then again, Logo might want to save that gimmick if Ru ever decided to walk away.