an internalnet diablog

Someone shot me an ask demanding my favorite Miami queens, but I figured they deserved some visual representation. 

Of course everyone now knows LaTrice. Then there’s Elaine Lancaster from Real Housewives of Miami (I don’t watch the show, and apparently she doesn’t come off well, but you have to have respect for the fact she is a legitimate enduring part of Miami Beach social life both gay and straight).

Pussilla really straddles that line between drag and full out clown. She’s in no way going for full out fish, but I kind of love it. Plus she hosts the amateur strip night at Twist, which is I live for honestly. 

Missy Meyaki is an amazing performer, who I once saw roll across Ocean Drive. 

Tiffany Fantasia gives you old school performance, and she was so nice when I drunkingly talked her ear off all night while she ate ham at a Christmas party. 

TP Lords may be the main bitch in Miami right now. She’s everywhere, and she does everything. From the Leigh Bowery androgynous to fish. She’s got a club kid edge, and might be the best representation of all Miami style drag has to offer. 

Daisy Deadpetals might be my favorite though. She’s hilarious. She also DJs. Plus, I’m not even a Tori Amos fan, but you have to love a queen who has a Tori Amos inspired drag name. 

Then there’s Adora who is a true Miami classic. Cuban drag queen supreme. Bitch has been working it for two and half decades. The true grande dame of Miami drag. 

By no means exhaustive, but then maybe seeing all those pictures together gives you an idea of the style of Drag they do down here.