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It’s a pith helmet!

This may be one of my favorite viral videos of all time. I’ve never been so in awe of someone’s spirit and yet totally uncomfortable and concerned about their mental health.

Yet, three and half years since this video was uploaded and made the initial rounds it has less than 250,000 views. You’d think something like this would have at least 20 times the hits, and blown into full on memedom. Maybe it makes people too uncomfortable. Maybe its so bizarre that people doubt its authenticity (but even still that would mean this woman is some great undiscovered Melissa McCartney-level comedy genius who deserves to have her work seen).

I guess it’s like private reserve level meme. The kind of viral video you only share on special occasions. The kind you can even show to viral video enthusiasts and still have there be a good chance they haven’t seen it. This is like the $3,000 bottle of rare wine meme.