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I got one butt, but there’s never enough butt. Except it’s gonna be butt last call here soon. Get the butts in now. I am so deeply sorry for being like this thank you. 

but I ain’t playing around. Where da butts? 

When you just wanna be like “Um, can we trade butt pics?” 

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It’s only 9:36. There’s still time to get laid tonight. 

From this Tumblr, you’d probably think I hate my non-Leo best friend (I mean, assuming you pick up on it. I’m kind of vague when I blog about him). I actually love him, but omg that girl sometimes. 

New Kyle: not caring about how making out with boys could upset my friends as long as its not a total asshole move. 

Just found out two boys that were both crushing on me ended up making out one night after I hung out with both of them. I mean this was two years ago, but I’m just like “…gurl” 

These dogs are rediculous

These dogs are rediculous

*needs to get a man so he can calm down and mind his own business*

I’m at a college themed party. Everyone is wearing their college shirts.

The funny thing about University of Miami is if you’re around people who went to southern state schools they’re all like “oh, look at you Mr. Elitist.”

But when you’re around other private school kids they’re all like “lol.”

But either way it’s like “fuck you I got a big scholarship, and we in the top 50.”

My childhood nemesis is getting gay married today, and I will probably be checking their wedding hashtag on Instagram all day. 

Did you know “Bette Davis Eyes” is actually a cover, and the original will fuck you up in a “wait what the fuck even is this?” way? 

Anonymous said: b honest. have you hooked up off CL? if so deets. & if possible provide the advert you posted/replied to omg

I fell in “love” off Craigslist once. So there’s that. That’s kind of my big experience tbh.